The Gnomes
by Nathan Gardner
Hubert the Gnome
Hubert has always been fond of the woodland squirrels. So naturally he was first to volunteer to aid the McNut clan leader. The acorns he has prepared are seasoned with healing herbs known only to the gnomes.
Eiwri the Gnome
Eiwri is on a hike up north into the wild. While cautiously taking in his surroundings he takes a long break and watches the sunset.
Tafru the Gnome
Tafru stands watch over his newly planted garden. It is his pride and joy. He takes a moment to take it all in.
"Speedy" Pete the Gnome
With bindle over should, speedy Pete try's to pull a fast one. He uses his good natured smile and misfortunate appearance to get what he needs. Unlike other gnomes speedy Pete is really lazy. He spends his time doing just about anything but work. This usually includes wandering, smoking a borrowed pipe, collecting handouts, and eating as much as one can get for free. Though he is lazy, he is still a caring gnome and will help those in need for a small favor.
Lyle the Gnome
Jug in hand, Lyle heads off to class. He's eagerly learning his family trades brewing. His family comes from a long line of royal brewers. Though he wants to honor his family practice, he becomes easily distracted by his interest in his childhood friend. He tries to impress on her, but to no avail ends up embarrassing himself. Now from a previous attempt he walks with the aid of a stick.
"Sunni" Sam the Gnome
Sunni Sam works wonders with flowers. All the gnomes know of his skills and appreciate his work. Recently a mischievous fox has trampled his garden. Now he stands guard, Sign in hand.
Gnome Carving
Speedy Pete the Gnome 420k
Tafru the Gnome 412k
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Lyle the Gnome 416k
Sunni Sam the Gnome 425k